How to retrieve info about the number of hosts and user Limit


We are LMS vendors. We built integration of our LMS with Zoom using REST API and almost done with the app for your marketplace. To use Zoom, our customers will need to buy a Zoom account and enter their details in their LMS account. Then they can start creating events and organizing meetings using Zoom right from our LMS.

We need information about the number of hosts allowed for their account type and the number of participants.
In case they schedule concurrent meetings and don’t have enough host licenses, we want to notify them and advice to go to and upgrade their plan. Same for the case when the number of participants exceeds.

Getting this info is very important for us. We don’t need info about sub-accounts as Zoom staff suggested in other posting but for ordinary Zoom accounts.

Do you have such a method or maybe plan to add it?

I want to make sure I understand before I answer.

You want to be able to see how many hosts are on the “main” account of a customer subscribed to your service and is using Zoom?

Hello Tim,

We want to see how many hosts and participants are allowed for a customer using Zoom and subscribed to our service.

For example, a customer schedules 2 simultaneous meetings in our service but he is allowed to host only 1 meeting at a time in his Zoom account. We will warn him about it in our service before the meeting begins and advice to upgrade his Zoom subscription.

There isn’t a good way to do this in our current API. I will bring this feedback to our engineering teams and see what we can do to get this feature added!