How to schedule a conference call and start the conference

Hello All,

   Please anyone can explain the steps to execute to schedule a conference call and start the conference. I need to add 2 participants to conference call , myself as host.

Please confirm what I understand is correct

  1. Add 2 users 

  2. Create a conference : mention the timings , type 

  3. Now how to add 2 users to conference call ?? 

  4. Activating URL will start the conference if system time match with conference scheduled time.




Hi Sheethal,


 you need to create a user in Zoom platform only if that user is hosting a meeting. Joining a meeting doesn’t need user accounts in Zoom.

With that, your flow would be:


  1. get the account api key pair

  2. create at least one user  (assuming that you want that user to be the host of the meeting) -

          a. save the user id

          b. user account needs to be e-mail activated - if you don’t want your users to do that, check out custcreate/autocreate


  3. create a meeting -

          a. save the start and join url


  4. when its time to start or join the meeting, just launch the url.


These are basic steps and you have a number of meeting options you can set in meeting create API.  I suggest that you download check out the sample code at


Feel free to reach out if you need further help