Using the api to create meetings for two guest users

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We are wanting to integrate zoom into our web app to help facilitate mentor sessions. We have a pro account that we use internally. We want to be able to schedule a mentor session between two users that are not part of our company. How can this be done without the mentor having to log in to one of our employee accounts to host the meeting? Could it be done with free accounts where we schedule a meeting on their behalf and set the mentor as the host?

Hi @jtphelan,

This can be done with free accounts, as long as your meetings don’t need to have more than 2 participants or be over 40 minutes. You can use the Create Meeting API:

This will return a start_url and a join_url, which can be provided to the host and participant, respectively.

Let me know if it helps to clarify,

Oh perfect, the pricing page made it seem like it was only available on paid accounts. Thanks for your help.