How to start concurrent meetings with the same account in zoom web sdk?

We’re using zoom to LMS system, and we need to host multiple sessions using zoom concurrently, but what settings required to be able to do this, now we can’t start more than one session at same time.

Hey @fasih ,

You either need to have multiple users on your Zoom account, so each can start a meeting at the same time.

Or meet the prerequisites here: Can I Host Concurrent Meetings? – Zoom Help Center


does it need to licensed users? or the basic ones do the same, another thing is it possible to access their recordings and meeting from the master account?

Hey @fasih,

Yes, you can use basic users to host the meeting but they will be limited to 40 minute meetings and other limitations of that user type.

Yes, please see our Master Account Cloud Recording APIs

Let me know if you have any questions.


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