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We’re creating meetings through the oauth and then join them systematically using the web sdk with JWT.
So basically all the meetings are created by the same zoom account but we’re sending different variables as ‘users’ in the web sdk(different e-mail, different name, same api key, different signature based on roles)

Today I realized that I am not able to start multiple meetings with the same account at the same time. How can I possibly achieve this?

Our custom system can have up to 10 meeting hosts theoretically but again, we’d only want to use one single zoom account for all of them, with custom variables as specified above.

I’m writing this now as I believe, few weeks ago I was able to have concurrent meetings running without any problem, I’m not really sure what changed.

Thank you!

Hey @an4rei,

Thank you for reaching out to Zoom Developer Forum. Just to clarify, you’re seeing that you are unable to start different meetings at the same time using the Web SDK, is that correct?

Are you able to share any errors that you’re seeing both in the Web SDK as well as the browser console?



Thank you for your answer!

Here is a video showing both the error both the web sdk variables.

Each Google chrome window is creating a different meeting , and then I try to join them concurrently with different e-mails as parameter but same api key.

Hey @an4rei,

Thank you for the update, that video was very helpful! In order to host concurrent meetings, please first make sure that you meet the prerequisite of a Business Plan or higher.

If you don’t have a plan that supports hosting concurrent meetings, you can join that meeting from the Web SDK or using the Web SDK to start a meeting from another host on your account.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


So I have 2 possibilities:

  1. Getting a Business plan that will allow me to host up to 2 meetings at the same time(we definitely need more than that)

  2. Create sub-accounts of this one host and create the meetings with the ‘for user’ parameter. Do I need a zoom license for each sub-account?

Thank you!

Hey @an4rei,

Thank you for the update. Just to clarify, you just need a separate user to host a meeting so you shouldn’t need to create sub-accounts or upgrade to a business account if your only goal is to have meetings at the same time but the host of the meeting isn’t a concern.

If you want to host multiple meetings, you can create multiple users and have each user host a separate meeting.

You can use the Create a User API to create the user and then after that user is done setting up the account, you can use the Create a Meeting API to create meetings for your users. Of course, this can be done in the Zoom Portal as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks for opening this topic.

How can I add more concurrent meetings to the same account?

Hey @appdawi ,

You either need to create more users, or have the prerequisites listed for running concurrent meetings.


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