Using deeplink "action" field in combination with 'launchAppInMeeting'

Zoom Apps Configuration
Using advanced sample app as a base (react/nodejs) (zoomapps-advancedsample-react)


I am attempting to build a proof of concept app using the advance test app as a base. (zoomapps-advancedsample-react)

We are using the deeplink functionality to pass in information to the app, but I have run into problems while using ‘launchAppInMeeting’ in combination with this.

Attempting this flow:

  1. Open Zoom client and log in
  2. Create a deep link using the /v2/zoomapp/deeplink/ API with an “action” payload (using curl for now)
  3. Click the deep link
  4. Zoom client opens and Zoom app opens in a separate window. The Zoom app can decode the context and retrieve the “action” payload as expected.
  5. From the Zoom app, call the ‘launchAppInMeeting’ method, passing in the Zoom join URL
  6. Zoom client launches the meeting and embeds the Zoom app in the meeting window
  7. At this point, the Zoom app cannot access the “action” payload which our app would need to function

If you join the meeting BEFORE clicking the deeplink, then the instance of the zoom app in the meeting window does receive the “action” payload.

Is there any way to make the flow above work? ie. pass along the “action” payload when the zoom app is launched the second time internally?


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How To Reproduce
See above

Anyone know if there’s a way to pass information between instances of the app? (in-meeting and out of meeting)