How to start meeting given the zoom meeting url from android sdk of zoom

For url of zoom e.g Launch Meeting - Zoom. How to enable starting the meeting in android app, when user click on this url.

Also is vanityId in android sdk, referring to this url?

Hi @jomy.paul2,

URL handling in your app is handled outside of the SDK, so I would recommend checking out the official documentation on that topic. Once you have opened your app with a URL, you can parse out the meeting number and passcode from the URL and pass them into the SDK the same way you normally would when joining a meeting.


thanks for the reply Jon. Yes I am using the concept of android link and I get to start the zoom app and then the activity receiving the url. Now I know, the url has to be parsed. Thanks.

You are welcome, glad I could help!

Please don’t hesitate to reach back out in a new topic with any additional questions. :slightly_smiling_face: