How to start session through api as host without asking signon



When I start a session as host through api link which is provided while creating session, I am landing on to sign in page of zoom. I would like to go directly into the session without signing in. How do I do that

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The json blob that you get back by calling /v1/meeting/create contains a “start_url” parameter. you just have to launch that.  


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I am using the same link. Infact we are having 20 hosts. So everyone is using start link which is obtained while create meeting. But still when we click on that link we land up to sign in page instead of lesson. The start link is different for different host and everyone is starting individually from their own system so there is no mix up. Please help. Below is the sample link we get for start session when we create session. And we are from India and we again have to wait till you reply and we can apply the changes only the next day. So can we get api support during IST timings please?

To clarify further I am using the same start url in my api call to start the meeting but still I am landing up on the sign in page


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Hi Shantala,

the start URL only valid for 30 minutes and if it expired, it will lead you to sign in page.





Hi Shantala, few more clarifications as we looked into the details of your case.

(1) start_url will timeout in 2 hours from the time you call the createmeeting API and get the JSON - so, ignore my earlier comment of 30 minutes. This is part of our security framework. This is applicable only for the start_url which will be used by the host to launch a session. join_url will not time out

(2) In most cases, if you schedule a meeting ahead of time, you will get into this issue where the start_url might not be valid at the time of the meeting. In your application, you should call “/v1/meeting/get” api and pass the meeting id and host id that you already have from the createmeeting API. The return JSON blob contains the updated start_url which should be used to launch the meeting

Try this out and let us know if you need further help. 




Is there a way to stop a user who starts a meeting created via API by launching the “start_url” but then the moment the meeting is over, sign out the user so he/she cannot start or schedule another meeting using the Zoom software? I am trying to centralise all the meeting creation and scheduling to my app which talks to Zoom API. 

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Hi, Oz, 

You can sign out a user using the Revoke a user SSO token. I’m not sure if we have the capability to stop a user from scheduling a meeting unless you remove them from your account.