How to update recurring meeting status using Zoom API?

I want to end a specific occurrence using Zoom meeting API. How can I do that?

Hi @recoverlution
Do you want to delete a specific occurrence that is schedule in the future or one occurrence that is live and you want to stop the meeting via api?

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Hi Elisa,
Thanks for the reply.
Just like we end a meeting using the following API Zoom Meeting API
meet end api.png - Google Drive
I want to end a specific occurrence of a recurring meeting using API.

Also, I am not able to upload media on this post embed media error.png - Google Drive

Hi @recoverlution
Thanks for your patience. I was doing some testing on my end.
You can end a recurring meeting calling the same endpoint and passing the meetingId on your request URL.
Basically the occurrence that is live, will end when you update the status of the meeting via API

Hope this helps

About not able to upload media in the forum, we are working on bringing this feature back. It is the expected behavior @recoverlution

Thanks for the clarity. That was not mentioned in the API doc.

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Of course ! @recoverlution
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