How to update webinar attendee (contact / lead) status in salesforce campaign member object

Below is the scenario:
Contact and lead is already available in salesforce.
If we send them invite, and they joined that webinar.

Their status against particular campaign in salesforce - under member status should be updated as ‘Joined’.

Zoom pro is available with webinar.

Hi @crm.architect1

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Could you please share more details about this issue?


@elisa.zoom ,

As a use case.
User creates a meeting or a webinar in zoom.
Then user manually sends zoom invite to contact’s email
(This contact eg: (Test ABC is already in salesforce)

If this contact ( attend the zoom webinar or a meeting as ideally we will have that info under previous meetings participants
This contact’s status needs to be updated as Attended in salesforce (Under campaign), ideally name of Zoom webinar and campaign should be same

Hope this helps.


You should be able to update the campaign status with automation tools like Zapier or our tool pandaflow that can connect with the APIs on both ends. Basically, you will need to validate the attendee is already in the campaign and update the campaign status.

Here is what a typical workflow may look like. In this case, it will check if leads or contact exists in SF and if it doesn’t it will create it and add it to the campaign if they attended, and if it already exists it updates the campaign status for that campaign member.
Here is a workflow 02.18.2022-14.49.59

The marketing page for our platform is here, feel free to reach out if you need help with the configuration or custom workflows.

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