Zoom for Salesforce - push new Campaign Members to Zoom as webinar registrants

I am using the “Zoom for Salesforce Lightning” app. App Marketplace

It works great at creating webinars in Salesforce and syncing with Zoom. It also allows Salesforce users to click “Add to Webinar” on certain Leads & Contacts who should be sent a webinar invite.
What I want is for that button action to be automatic.
I have new Leads coming into Salesforce from Facebook ads. I can have them added to Salesforce Campaigns as new Campaign Members, but this doesn’t push them to Zoom as new registrants.
I want to acheive exactly what the “Add to Webinar” button is doing immediately without requiring a human to do it by hand.
Is there a way to call these actions in a Flow?

Hello @gregg.joseph we don’t have the resources for app-specific support on this platform we would advise reaching out to the dedicated support resource associated with the app you are referring to. I will leave this topic open given that is is an open platform someone with this experience might be able to help you

Regards, Kwaku