How to upload a web app on zoom marketplace

My app is a transcription tool for the Indonesian language,
it is important for the students in my country and the other considering it would help them a lot to take note.

Recently we uploaded our app on zoom marketplace, but got rejected.
My web app is , it’s super easy to use.
You just need to click the button and start to speak (only support Indonesian language).

Please guide us on how we can improve it so the app can be on zoom marketplace,
and give us the specific reason why our app got rejected, so we can fix it.

To be honest i have no idea how to develop app properly on zoom marketplace, because the documentation is very hard to understand.

I really appreciate if there is a step by step tutorial that easy to understand.

Our app is already on google playstore, and apple app store,
and we will be very happy if our application is in the zoom marketplace

Please guide us and thanks for your understanding.

Sayuti Team

Which App?

Hi @afifudinmaarif ,

I recommend reviewing our submission guide: Submission review.

Additionally, when they review your app, they leave detailed notes on what should be improved to re-submit for approval. Did you receive this document to your developer email?


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