How to use IMeetingUIElemConfiguration in zoom windows c# sdk

I am new to c# and want to ask a very naive question that how can i use IMeetingUIElemConfiguration in my start_join_meeting.xaml.cs file.

Currently I have written the following line to hide the invite button from ui-

But i want to hide the info button which could be hidden by using IMeetingUIElemConfiguration.HideMeetingInfoOnMeetingUI(bool bHide), But I have no idea how could i write this line .

Hi @anuragnagarkota,

Thanks for the post. The C# wrapper is a wrapper over the Windows SDK(written in C++) and it is a community project, so it might not include all interfaces that are available in Windows SDK, such as the HideMeetingInfoOnMeetingUI interface. However, if an interface is available in Windows SDK, it is possible to make a bridge call in the C# wrapper. Please follow the instructions here:[Windows SDK, C#] I cant found AskAttendeeToStartVideo in DLL library here to add the bridge call in the C# wrapper and then you could use this interface in the C# wrapper.


Hi @Carson_Chen
It would be very helpful if you provide the updated C# wrapper which contains the following three features-

  1. Hide MeetingInfo button image
  2. Hide invite link image

Hi @anuragnagarkota,

Thanks for the reply. The C# wrapper is a community project so we do not have a dedicated resource on updating this. I will forward your request to the engineering team and we will contribute to this community project when we have the bandwidth.


Thanks @Carson_Chen

We are eagerly waiting for this. How much time could we expect ?

Hi @Carson_Chen
I have rebuilded the c# wrapper and i am now able to get rid of that info button.

But still a problem exists. I am not able to found any interface to hide the copy url link image

Please help