Zoom oAuth access for Basic Accounts

We have an Zoom marketplace application, which is under review. To address some of the concerns raised during the review, we made changes to the application. I am trying to test the changes with an Zoom account outside of the developer account. But I ran into the following error,

Unable to install this app without the developer’s account. Please contact the app developer to install. Edit on Web Portal

The developer account is a PRO account, but the account that I am using to test is my personal account, which is Basic account. Is there is a way to test that without subscribing to the Zoom as we don’t have any account outside of the developer account to test these changes ?

Hi @saravana

If the account that you are using to test the application does not belong to the Developer’s account, you wont be able to install it.
You can create a new user under the Developer account and assign it a Basic license and then test the application, but if the user does not belong to the same account, then the error you are seeing, is expected


Thanks for the update @elisa.zoom

We wanted to test the features outside of the developer account to validate oAuth scopes. As per the notification from Zoom, our application is approved for use out of the account till July 13th. Not sure why I can’t login with user outside of the account.
Please see below email from Zoom,

Is it required to test this only with the production client id or does it work with development id as well ? I am using development client id for this.

Hi @saravana

Thanks for the clarification.
You are supposed to share the Publishable URL that is generated in your app in the Submit Tab.
With that link, users outside your account must be able to install the app and test it.

The credentials used there are the production ones.
Hope this helps,

Thanks @elisa.zoom It is working with prod cliet id

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Hey @saravana happy to hear that is working now!

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