How to use URL Scheme


I want to create starting a meeting with URL scheme on android app.

but I can`t understand  this explain.


what meaning of sid and uid and token?

please teach me.


Hi, thank you very much for interested in our SDK. Sid, uid and token are special user credentials that our SDK send to our server to invoke meeting feature. We do not recommend starting a meeting with URI like this.

  • If you wish to launch Zoom app by clicking an invitation URL, you can do the following: Once you start a meeting on a client (or with SDK), press “Participants -> Invite -> Copy URL”, and you should be able to get an invitation URL like this:*room_number*. If you visit this URL on Android device, it will automatically redirect you to the app.
  • If you want to launch your own Android app that has Zoom SDK embedded, you might need to create deep links (or other similar techniques, if you want to know more about deep link:, then handle the parameters in your app and invoke Zoom meeting by sending relevant parameters to our SDK functions.

Let me know if you have any other questions.