How to use WebAPI

I want to use Web Services to create scheduled meeting Ids with password. For that I am using OAuth App but I am not able to generate token in order to use your web service. Both on Web as well as Mobile Platform

What is Redirect URL for OAuth ?
What is Whitelist URL ?
What is the meaning of JWT App.

Hey @prince.kumar,

Have you followed our OAuth guide here:

This is the URL where the user will land after they install your app. An authorization code will be included in the url as a query param, which you will use to get an access_token.

The Whitelist URL should be the URL you are using for your redirect URL.

A JWT App allows you to use the Web SDK, and generate a JWT Token to call the Zoom APIs for your Zoom account.


Hi Sir,

I don’t have any redirect URL. Simply tell me one thing If I want to obtain access token via Advance Rest Client. How can I do that.

Hi Sir,

I have generated JWT Token from and used in postman to run service. It is saying invalid token.

Hi Sir,

I am able to create user any how through rest client via JWT Token. But when I am going to create meeting it is saying

“code”: 1001,

“message”: “User jcx6ecU0QS-Ppxgg3ry2-w not exist or not belong to this account.”



“agenda”:“Appointment meeting”,




Hey @prince.kumar, happy to hear you got your JWT Token working!

Is that user apart of your Zoom account? See if they are in your users list.


It was not working on postmap zoom api. But on your website post it was working. Now new issue arrived, when I join zoom meeting on iPhone it doesn’t show me option to join audio via computer. It only shows dial to join whereas in android it shows both options Dial or Join by Computer.

Hey @prince.kumar, what is the issue on Postman?

As for your iPhone question, you should be able to join with computer audio. Make sure you are allowing access to your mic in the iPhone settings, and the meeting host settings in the Zoom account allow you to join with computer audio. Since this is unrelated to the Zoom Developer Platform, please reach out to for more help regarding this question.