Rest api for web platform

i want to schedule and manage meetings from my website using rest api. i find some meeting api but documentation not clear
how can find client id
how i can generate authorization code. please help me
i am using php website

Hi @myonlineprep,

You can start here with creating an OAuth app[1] then how to Get an access token[2] using OAuth. Let us know if you need any more help.

1 -
2 -

any option, get the token as api response, like json

API not working

Step 2: Request Access Token

Client ID: DqEKLlZESJO8ITBNvpawg
Secret: DtwczR5QYXKqPCj60NKuTe6pOywiWQKK

Hey @myonlineprep,

What specifically is not working?

Depending on your use case, you can also use a JWT Token to call the APIs which is simpler.


can you confirm how can use JWT Token.
how can create JWT Token token.
also how can use API as well

i want to use apis as rest apis

i don’t want to login to login zoom.
i want to create,update,delete meeting from my website and
totally based on rest api

can you confirm this error. why this error showing.
i am using web app for launch the meeting

Hey @myonlineprep,

Here are JWT Docs, and Rest API docs.

As for the Web SDK error, are you using the latest version, 1.7.5?