How to work with call schedules if it's prohibited to save Zoom data


I’m researching availability to make an integration with Zoom.

Every terms statement is ok except of this one:

Prohibited Uses. You may not use the Zoom APIs, or any information, data or content accessed or obtained using the Zoom APIs, or your Application:

  • To scrape, build databases, or otherwise create copies of any data accessed or obtained using the Zoom APIs by your Application.

Of course I’m not talking about copy all the data received from Zoom. But I want to make available to manage calls scheduling outside Zoom app. How it will be possible? Maybe I can save just basic info? For example start and timestamps, call title, participants count.

I saw some analytics apps that allow scheduling Zoom calls inside their apps. So it looks like somehow it’s available.

Help me please to be sure I will not break terms of Zoom API use.