Breakout rooms not working in Android SDK after new SDK release


I was using Zoom SDK at April 2020, I was able to implement breakout rooms feature in Android SDK using this code.
ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService().getInMeetingBOController().getBOCreatorHelper().createBO(“Breakout room1”);.

Now After I updating the SDK the code does not seem to work again. Please kindly help me with this issue.

Which version?

Hi @vignesh, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues with breakout rooms. Can you explain specifically what issue you’re seeing when trying to implement breakout rooms?


Hello jon.lieblich,
When I run the code for breakout rooms no action happens and I cannot able to get the log statements from Logcat.

Hi @vignesh, thanks for the response.

This feature is properly working on my end. I’m going to need some more information before I can assess where the issue you’re seeing is coming from. Can you please provide any code snippets related to your breakout room implementation along with the complete context of when/where they’re being called from?

Also, can you clarify regarding what log statements you’re not seeing?


Hello @jon.lieblich,
Am using the following code snippet.
ZoomSDK.getInstance().getInMeetingService().getInMeetingBOController().getBOCreatorHelper().createBO(“Breakout room 1”);

Am calling this from onCreate() method. Am using a custom button and when a user clicks this button am taking him/her to breakout room.

Note : Am the host of this meeting.

Am expecting some kind of Log statements related to why this function is not working. Can you please provide me the code snippet which you have used to create and run the breakout room.

Hi @vignesh,

Calling into IBOCreator#createBO is the correct method to call when creating a breakout room. Prior to calling this method, you should verify that you are the host of the meeting and that breakout rooms are enabled via InMeetingBOController#isBOEnabled.

I’m still unsure what you are expecting to see in terms of specific behavior or logs, but creating your own implementation of InMeetingBOControllerListener may help with getting more information.


Hello @jon.lieblich,
Am the host of the meeting and checked with the code BO is Enabled. Let me check with InMeetingBOControllerListener whether I can able to debug the issue.

Hi @vignesh,

That sounds like a good approach to getting this figured out! Feel free to respond here with additional information so that I can better assist you.

In the meantime, I have a couple of additional questions around your use case to see if anything stands out. Are you creating the breakout rooms as the host or co-host? What is the return value of the createBO method?


Hello @jon.lieblich,
I am creating the breakout rooms as Host, think I am not getting any return value for createBO, let me check again and get back to you.