HTML for "One Tap Mobile" link

I’m new here, and not currently using the API or SDK (and I’m not reporting a bug). This is just a general question about “One Tap Mobile” - but it’s a DEVELOPER question (not a user question).
I am developing code to put the “One Tap Mobile” numbers onto a calendar. In order to be usable these “One Tap Mobile” numbers normally appear on the user’s phone as highlighted clickable hyperlinks. So my question is:
If I have the bare text output of the meeting information that is normally generated when interactively setting up a meeting, and I have the specific lines containing the “One Tap Mobile” numbers (with the commas, etc) like (eg:)
…and I want to put this onto a web page as a clickable link, what kind of HTML markup do I need to wrap this with? For example if I want to create a link to, the link would look like this:
<a href=“”></a> …but how do I wrap the “One Tap Mobile” numbers? …what does the markup need to look like?
Thanks for the help.


Hi @patrick_here
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
Sorry for the late reply to your post, but I am wondering if you were able to figure out a solution for your issue?

Hello Elisa,
Thanks for getting back to me. I did work out something but not sure if it’s completely correct. I’m wrapping it in standard hyperlink syntax so that if the original “One tap mobile” sequence in the Zoom message looks like this:

…then I construct a hyperlink by wrapping it inside of these two lines:
<a href="tel:
">Call (mobile: audio only)<<a>

So the whole thing looks like this:
<a href=“tel:+12532056668,85995733002#,*527176#”>Call (mobile: audio only)</a>

This seems to work partially on Android however when I tested it on my Android phone I was still prompted for the meeting password. I haven’t tested it on iPhone yet. Is this correct or should I do it differently? And is there a way to construct a link that will work on Android without being prompted for password. Thanks for the help.