Embedding password into One Tap Mobile

My current implementation of one click: One click: {zoomNumber},,{confCode}

If someone clicks on this, they are asked for the password.

From the API request, I get password in the form: eEFlQjNGOTBvQTFNRUtlSllRNXFEdz09. This is only useable for computer links.

I am trying to include the password in the One Tap Mobile link

Hi @NikhilPunwaney,

Thanks for reaching out about this. Is it possible to share an example of the exact URL format you’re using on mobile? Is this to open Zoom Meetings in the Zoom mobile app, or in a mobile browser?

Let me know—thanks!

Hi Will,

This is currently what we have (without password)
[One click: +16475580588,97110539825# (Canada)]

Not sure how to add password to this


Hi @NikhilPunwaney,

Thank you for clarifying. I believe that the password may still be required for One-Tap mobile, but our Technical Support team will be best suited to verify this for you. You can reach out to them directly here, and they’ll be able to confirm.