Past webinars - Q&A does not return questions answered live

When calling the API to get a past webinar’s questions, an empty array is returned.
My webinar ID: 83328207959

Multiple questions were asked, all were responded with “Answer Live.”

My query URI: Uri = {}

Response: {“id”:83328207959,“uuid”:“NGAfJTqjR36ve5IbcG4qmg==”,“start_time”:“2021-02-04T18:08:09Z”,“questions”:}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Execute query, note empty array in result.

Additional context
All other API requests are working fine. Webinar detail, participants, attendees, etc.

Hi @wesl,

Thanks for reaching out about this. It sounds like you did this after it was over, but just to clarify, did you hit this endpoint once the Webinar was over, or did you try calling this endpoint while the meeting was still ongoing?

This endpoint will only return Q&A results once a Webinar is over. Let me know if you were seeing this after the meeting ended though—that would not be expected behavior and I’m happy to look into it further!


Yes, the webinar had been concluded for about 30 minutes when I made this call.

It is part of a small app we use to generate a report of our webinars’ attendees and Q&A.

The webinar was yesterday (2/4) and I just ran the query again, now (2/5 12:03 EST) and still get an empty result array.

FWIW: When I pull the report through the web UI, there are 42 questions. Some were answered inline. Some were flagged “live answered,” and some were not marked as answered.

Hi @wesl,

Thank you for confirming these details. This appears to be a bug and we’re looking into it (ZOOM-245477).


Not to hijack this, but is there no api get for a current webinar q&a?

Hi @eric.seipel ,

Currently Webinar Q&A can only be retrieved via API after the meeting has ended. However, this is a good suggestion and we’re hoping to add this functionality in the future.


Hi @wesl,

I just DM’d you for some additional details when you have a moment. Thank you!


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