I am getting the error message on Creating a meeting API



code 300
message “Api key and secret are required.”


Hi Neelima, the API endpoint is error, the create meeting API should be “v1/meeting/create”, and need to pass api_key and api_secret value.
Please refer to zoom.github.io/api-v1


I am currently getting the below error

{“error”:{“code”:1001,“message”:“User not exist.”}}


Please provide more details about you API call?


We are using “v1/meeting/create” method and the json response is “error”:{“code”:1001,“message”:“User not exist.”}}



What parameters did you pass?


host_id, meeting type, meeting topic


host_id - neelima@athenaglobaltechnologies.com


host_id should be uuid, other than email.



uuid - where can we get this from? What is the format?


Please use user getbyemail API to retrieve the host_id.
Refer to https://zoom.github.io/api-v1/#get-user-by-email-address-and-login-type


Thank You for your support. We have resolved the issue.