User Does Not Exists ( Error Code 1001 )

When I try to Create a meeting with Zoom API request, I get the error which says user does not exists. I have tried to get the users ID using Get Users List API call and then use the UserID given by the response of that call. Also tried using user email.

code: 1001,
message: ‘User does not exist: ***********’

App Type: JWT
Account Type: Basic

Create a Meeting
POST # /users/{userId}/meetings

Can you provide the payload you are sending to the Create Meeting API?

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Hey @PasinduDew,

Can you private message what you are passing in for the {userId}?


I am having the same error I am using the WordPress zoom plugin to create a user if a user with the current email doesn’t exist then use that Id to create a meeting.

Get user is getting me the Id but creating an email is failing I am having a work deadline anyone can tell me how to go about this.

Hey @rahmed.sammaron,

Please email your request details and the userID that is not working to