I am not able to redirect from my custom zoom market place app to my system's default web browser

Not able to redirect from my custom zoom marketplace to web browser .
I am using node js for backend and .pug template for the marketplace application .
I have tried below things .
1)Used tag but it won’t redirecting me to web browser
2)Used window.open and zoomSdk.openUrl({}) but it is not working .

Could not find any solution on web .Please suggest some examples of zoom marketplace applications which are using redirect from app to web browser .

Hi @ravi.kumar5 ,

I am a bit confused. Are you trying to limit the installation link? If so, refer to this guidance:

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @gianni.zoom
Thank you for reply .
My application is in development phase . I have not published the application yet .
Please suggest some method which will redirect from app to default web browser .
I had allow the domain in “OAuth allow list” section and in " Domain allow list" section . But whenever I’m clicking on any link it redirecting me inside the marketplace app not in the web browser .

I have also seen the redirection with node package “@zoom/appssdk” but it’s not working . It showing “window not defined” while using below code in node .

import zoomSdk from "@zoom/appssdk"
async function configureApp() {
  const configResponse = await zoomSdk.config({
    popoutSize: {width: 480, height: 360},
    capabilities: ["shareApp"]

Also when I’m using ```


<script src="https://appssdk.zoom.us/sdk.min.js"></script>
On client side then it also showing error while accessing "zoomSdk" Variable ..It showing error like "zoomSdk is not defined".

Please suggest some solutions .I'm stuck it this for past 2 week .
It is very urgent .

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