I am not able to start any meeting or Join any Using Demo Windows SDK

I get error code =8 when i want to join the meeting or Can’t start meeting using the Rest API Without Login. I am quite new to zoom & want to integrate it in my unreal project. I started Yesterday to test how it works.

I tried Creating JWT Token for SDK created using this link: https://jwt.io/
I was able to authenticate but can’t start the meeting. Forgive me but as i said i am quite new to this. Tried searching for this error but couldn’t find any Answers.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
I tried Exactly what the demo documentation said but no luck.

Hi @mtahirsaddam, thanks for using our SDK.

Based on the enums defined in MeetingFailCode, this value maps over to MEETING_FAIL_NOT_EXIST, meaning that the meeting number you provided was not associated with an actual Zoom meeting. To resolve this, you must provide a meeting number of an actual Zoom meeting.


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