I am trying to reset my JWT app

I am trying to delete my JWT app. It seems to return a 403 error.

I cannot find a way to reset this app and so my thought was to delete and start over. I cannot seem to do that. Does anyone in the community know how to do this?

Thanks in advance to anyone who an help or suggest a way to do this.


@francescoscoffee As there is only one JWT app for the entire account we don’t have a method to delete it, just deactivate it until it’s needed again. You can do this from the Activation tab in the Marketplace.

Is there a way to reset the app. It seemed like it wasn’t firing… eventually it started to work again. It’s hard to see what the problem might have been from our end though.

Thanks for your help.

@francescoscoffee You can regenerate the API Secret in the event that your secret is leaked. However, in general, there shouldn’t be a need to reset it so we don’t have a function to do that.