Reactivating your JWT app temporarily

On September 8, 2023, Zoom will start the phased deactivation of JWT apps across all customer accounts. Due to the large number of accounts impacted, it could take several days before your JWT app is deactivated. You will be notified by email when the deactivation occurs in your account.

If you’re unable to migrate your JWT apps we are happy to grant a one-time extension to allow continued use of the JWT app until Nov 10, 2023.

By proceeding with re-activating the JWT app type, you must acknowledge that this is a one-time extension until November 10, 2023, and that there will be no further extensions available after that date.

To re-activate your JWT app, go to the Activation tab and click activate your app. Then confirm that you would like to re-activate your app in the modal dialog. The account owner will receive an email confirmation that the JWT app has been re-activated.

You may also review the FAQ and migration guide to help you with this process.


Dear Michael,

Today I have login and receive an alert “Your JWT app deprecated”

Can I still re-active ?


Hi @hsvn_zoom_05
Yes, you can still re activate your app

Hi @michael.zoom @elisa.zoom ,

I’ve also received it this notification; however, I believe I have migrated it prior to the deadline. Is there a way on your end to confirm if I have successfully done this? I am not a developer and just serve as our Sys Admin as we used the app to integrate into Salesforce.

Let me know your thoughts.


Hey @shawn_jstreet I’d bet you’re fine and don’t need to take any action.

To verify, check if your Salesforce app is successfully making API calls by checking the call logs of the app.

Log in to the App Marketplace and navigate to Apps on Account - App Marketplace

Click on Zoom for Salesforce (or the integration you’re using) and click Call Logs. If you’re seeing requests with the status 200 (or 204, etc) rather than 400, you should be all set. :slight_smile:

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You’re the best, all is great there. Thank you so much. @michael.zoom

Team, I’ve reactivated our account but still not able to access the APIs. Is there a time to reactivate the account? Receiving 400 errors for each of our accounts.

Hi @clearwave1
Were you able to re-activate your JWT app? Have you double check that the credentials match for each one of your accounts?

Yes, it has been re-activated and received email confirmation (verified via Z website as well). Would the creds have changed during the reactivation process? If I click on Created Apps, the Status states Deprecated but if I click on the app itself and select Activation, it states ‘Your app is activated on the account’.

Thanks @michael.zoom, the information very useful!
I re-activate the JWT app in zoom app marketplace and works for my own develop system now!

For change JWT app to OAuth app in APP Marketplace, Is it i create a new OAuth app in APP Marketplace and disable the old “JWT” one, i still can use my own develop system to create meeting which i don’t need to change my own zoom system source code?

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Hi @ns_hk_ipad01 , you’ll want to follow this guide to migrate your existing app from using JWT to authenticate API requests to using server-to-server OAuth:

I’m hoping someone here can help me with ensuring the app is properly working in my salesforce. I just learned that my data hasn’t synced since 9/2023 which is when I last reached out to get helped. I am using the new JWT app but still not working.

@michael.zoom @elisa.zoom

Is there by change a video walkthrough? I think a hands on approach will likely be faster.