I have an facing problem in video sdk

hi I am facing problem when implement video sdk in local it works fine but after build not work self video

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum-- I’m happy to help here! To start, please share a screenshot of what you are seeing along with any errors or crash logs you may be seeing when building the video SDK to production.

i am unable to send screen shot

In build time i have not getting any error
please Help its important

Thank you for your response, @routsameer999 ! Can you confirm if you have SharedArrayBuffer enabled on your site?


You can check via the Browser console with :

typeof SharedArrayBuffer === 'function'; // returns true or false

I Have Used Same repo which U provided It will work In locally fine but In build not work self video

typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’;

Yes It Returns True

I am also facing the exact same issue, everything works fine but the self video is not loading .

typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’; This is also returning true

I am using example for React demo example for video SDK.

Also when I run the app on Dev mode i.e NPM START then it works fine but serve -s build give this problem.

@maninder and @routsameer999 ,

What version of the Web Video SDK you are currently using? Also, can you share a screenshot typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’ returning true in the console ??

HI @donte.zoom , appreciate the help , I am using 1.7.0 and for some reason I am not able to upload the screenshot on this forum chat. but yes typeof SharedArrayBuffer === ‘function’ is returning true.

Thanks for the responses, @maninder. Can you share how you are deploying your application? What your build flow is? Also, you are seeing any errors in the console or any difference in production from when in development?

I am creating a build using NPM run build and then running the index.html from my local server.

in the attachment, you can notice that I have switched on my video, but that does not come on screen. but other participant can see my video