I need to be able to assign Scheduling Privileges to an api user batch host

Hi Zoom Support,

We’re trying to set the designated language interpreter via API. Now if I attempt this using our Account Owner account, I can set the interpreter just fine and meeting creation succeeds. However, this is not a sustainable solution for us. We have numerous batch hosts, who are indeed licensed users, and these accounts are the ones that actually create meetings in our application. When I attempt to set the language interpreter using one of these batch hosts, the meeting is created, however no language interpreter has been set.

Now, I’ve tried to assign the Scheduling Privilege to these batch hosts, within the Zoom UI, however when I attempt to do so, I get an error message that says “ not found”

I’ve already talked to Jessa Zobel from Zoom basic support and she referred me to you all. She thought that the cause of our issue might be because our batch hosts are API users. But that’s the point she said she couldn’t help me any further and suggested that I contact you all. (Our owner account is iechodev@gmail.com)

We need these batch hosts to be able to set the language interpreter for a given meeting. Please let me know what you all need from me in order to assist me.


Miguel Lujan

Hi, @iechodev,

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum, and thank you for writing us. I am happy to help here. As a start, can you share the support ticket number? I want to look over the ticket to better understand the behavior you are seeing when trying to assign the Scheduling Privilege to these batch hosts within the Zoom UI.

The number is #16390969

Thanks, for sharing the ticket number! I will look to see if it has been assigned a support agent yet!

Hey Donte. It’s almost been a month. Anything on this?


Thank you for following up on this! I see this topic was redirected to the forum – I am happy to assist in this matter. Based on the ticket, it is my understanding you are looking to know how to enable the language interpretation feature for various batch hosts. All of the batch hosts, fall under the account owner, so those hosts should also be able to enable the language interpretation feature.

Description of the scenario :

  • If signed in as this account owner and interpretation and schedule/start a meeting are enabled through the dashboard, the feature works just fine. Meeting attendees can see the language interpretation feature working during the meeting.

The language interpretation feature only works if the Account owner creates the meeting through the dashboard.

When creating meetings via API, you use the Create a Meeting endpoint. When leveraging the API, you create the meeting with one of our various batch hosts (all of which still fall under this same owner account) creates the meeting. In this scenario, the language interpretation features are not enabled. Through the API, if the batch host is swapped for the account owner, then creating a meeting with language interpretation is enabled.


  1. Is the above correct or is there something missing?

  2. When leveraging the API, to create the meeting with those various batch hosts, what is the API type of that user? API user or Non-login/API User?

  3. Also, how you are adding batch host?

In the meantime, you may be also interested in the developer support article on how to create a user and assign scheduling privilege programmatically

Create a user and assign scheduling privilege programmatically


Create a meeting API


Adding batch users

Enabling Language Interpretation

Using Language Interpretation in your meeting or webinar

Hey Donte. Yeah I believe you grasp the full situation. To your question, are they API Users or Non-login/API User’s, I’m not sure. I see them on the Zoom Dashboard, and they have a little API insignia under their “Email/Name ID” field. I’ve uploaded a screenshot of the Users tab of our owner account. These are just some of the batch hosts. These batch hosts can’t be assigned the scheduling privilege by the owner account or any other admin. When I try to do so, I get a little red error message saying “User not found”. Even when I go into the user specific settings for a batch host, I click the toggle to turn on language interpretation, however once I create a meeting through the API the Language Interpretation feature is not enabled. We create new batches programmatically through the API. Lmk if you have other questions.

Thanks for getting back to me


…well I tried to attach the image, however it says I’m not allow to embed media on this post. So that begs the question, why is there a button for it?

Thank you for the response @iechodev! I have question, have you tried to update the user setting to enable language interpretation programmatically? To do so, you would need to make a Post request to the User setting endpoint linked below:

Update user settings


Update user settings API response body screenshot:

I’ll try this and get back to you.