I need to create only small script, can I don't submit it to marketplace?

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Hello. I need to create small script, which will post INFO-messages to our developers zoom-chat. I have not domain server, so I can’t pass verification tests on marketplace. can I activate OAuth authorization for my script anything else?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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  2. See error

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  • You can try using a public localhost service to get a temporary URL tunneled to your local computer, so you can host a web site temporarily to get the OAuth response, but the required HTTPS functionality might be a paid option.
  • You might be able to fabricate a domain name, add it to your local computer’s hosts file mapping it to a loopback address, then use that domain as a redirect URL long enough to get a refresh token. This way, the authorization code doesn’t get sent to another web site.
  • If your API can be used from a JWT application, consider switching from OAuth to that application type, which doesn’t require a public URL at all or upfront granting of permissions.

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