I want to notify Slack of missed calls from Zoom Phone

①I want to notify Slack of missed calls from Zoom Phone.
Zoom Phone の不在着信&留守電を Slack に通知する #Slack - Qiita
I tried as described on the above page, but an error occurs when I try to set the Slack webhook URL.
(Error content is “URL validation failed. Try again later.”)
I would like to know how to deal with this.

➁In addition to ①, I would like to know the best way to manage missed calls.

Hi @ohagi
Thanks for reaching out to us
You would have to reach out to slack to enable webhook delivery on their end

Thank you for answering.
I contacted Slack.
The answer is below.

Hello, thank you for contacting us.

After looking at the screenshot you shared, we regret to inform you that the instructions provided by Zoom’s support agent (Elisa) are incorrect.

There is no need to set “Enable distribution” using the Webhook function. If you have the URL, that’s enough.
We cannot determine what Zoom has implemented to validate the webhook, but we are certain that it is a correct and valid URL.
That’s because, looking at our logs, requests sent through the webhook’s URL appear to be successful activities without any errors.

Please contact Zoom with any questions you may have regarding Zoom Phone features and how best to manage missed calls.
Unfortunately, Zoom’s missed call feature is not supported by Slack.

Nice to meet you.

The original text is below.


共有いただいたされたスクリーンショットを拝見したところ、恐れ入りますが、Zoomのサポートエージェント ( Elisa ) の案内は正しくありません。

Webhook 機能で「配信を有効にする」設定を行っていだく必要はありません。URL をお持ちであればそれで十分です。
Webhook を検証するために Zoomが 何を実装しているのか判断することはできませんが、正しく有効な URL であることは間違いありません。
なぜなら、私たちのログを見る限り、Webhook の URLを介して送信されたリクエストは、エラーなしでアクティビティが成功したように見えるからです。

お手数ですが、Zoom Phone の機能と不在着信の最適な管理方法に関するご質問については Zoom にお問い合わせいただけますでしょうか。
恐れ入りますが、Zoomの不在着信機能については Slack 側のサポートの対象外となります。


Please check again and respond.

Hi @ohagi
Here is an webhook event that could help you manage missed calls


Here is a link to our Docs on how to validate endpoint URLs, you would have to implement this in order to validate the url and start receiving webhooks