Zoom Phone webhook's callee_missed event is not triggered for only one specific phone number

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I am creating an application that utilizes the zoom_phone callee_missed event to send notifications to Slack based on the callee’s phone number when there’s a missed call.

In this process, I’ve encountered an issue where for one specific phone number, although calls are coming in to Zoom Phone, the webhook is not being triggered.

Since notifications for other phone numbers are working fine, there’s no problem with the endpoint validation. We’ve confirmed that there’s no issue with the phone number value itself, as notifications do come through occasionally.

I would appreciate any suggestions on what areas I should investigate.

As an example, I’ll provide the following: On June 27, 2024, there were 3 missed calls, but the webhook was only triggered once. Below is the requestBody for that instance:

03:24:51 PM, Jun 27, 2024

requestBody":string"{"event":"phone.callee_missed","payload":{"account_id":"YPKf9KECRtm0xSfzNCnbIw","object":{"call_id":"7385065226039355243","caller":{"extension_type":"pstn","phone_number":"+819062334834","connection_type":"pstn_off_net"},"callee":{"extension_id":"wMn69dtsSN2GizvcMYKUsw","extension_type":"user","user_id":"f4uogqilR5m4hhP9zbQiQQ","timezone":"Asia/Tokyo","extension_number":1046,"phone_number":"+815017820390","device_id":"a0cc0526304c5547851fd75783a4bdac888c04c8a72fce2f2928bf073f616cb6","connection_type":"voip"},"redirect_forwarded_by":{},"ringing_start_time":"2024-06-27T06:24:51Z","call_end_time":"2024-06-27T06:24:51Z","handup_result":"Call Cancel"}},"event_ts":1719469491509}"

Hi @teppei-ishikawa
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here!
Sorry for the delayed response here!
Are you still experiencing this issue?
If so, could you please try and trigger this event again? our logs go back only 15 days and unfortunately, the logs you shared are not trackable anymore.