IBOMeeting GetBOUserList returning garbage

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Zoom Windows SDK (C++) (x86)

Trying to automate a response to a BO user’s help request, and I need to know which BO room the requester is in. In trying to list the BO Attendees in each BO meeting, the user ID returned by GetBOUserList is garbage (instead of the UserID received in the help request or other callback methods).

E.g. the userID will return something like “Ꙡྨ\u31E8ၡ\u31ECၡ\u31ECၡ倸ऽ稔༐䶸᭛eneral&” instead of “ItlDXKeknt-89Nu6218mD-keATJynePE2K4uAxfHFmE-” (which is the correct userID received elsewhere)

Troubleshooting Routes
Tried byteswapping the data values as shown here unicode - C++: How to swap byte order of a wchar_t - Stack Overflow but no luck

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
Call the GetBOUserList from the IBOMeeting interface