ID cases are different between List users and List channel members

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)


One of our business logic requires listing users from the “List users” endpoint, store them into DB, then later retrieve them if any of their IDs show up in the “List channel members” response.

However, to our surprises, the channel members’ IDs are all lower cases, while user IDs from Listing user response are mixed cases. E.g. ie2uvg_mtlwpwmcmxpuzzz vs IE2UvG_mTLWpWMcMXpUZZz.

Based on the mixed case IDs from Listing users, it appears the upper case and lower case are different and should be distinguished. But List channel members lower cased all of them, which seems to be a bug.

The IDs should be in mixed cases from List channel members response instead of all lower cases.

How To Reproduce

  • We use OAuth2 app with Account-level token.

  • Send request to List users endpoint, example request:

curl --location --request GET ‘’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer ******’

  • Save the user IDs, pick any one of the user ID for the next step.

  • Use this user ID to list user channels:

curl --location --request GET ‘{userID}/channels’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer ******’

  • Save any one of the channel ID.

  • List channel members with the user ID and channel ID:

curl --location --request GET ‘{userID}/channels/{channelID}/members’ --header ‘Authorization: Bearer ******’

  • Compare the member IDs with the saved user IDs. The IDs from List users are mixed cases while IDs from List channel members are all lower cases.