Need more clarity on type of user to create

We are building a healthcare app and want to use zoom for meeting integration. The users of the app - doctors and patients will access zoom only through our application and dont need to access zoom directly. We will be accessing zoom through REST Apis. We want that the meetings between doctors and patients be recorded. With this use case in mind, i need some information from you guys. Each user of our app will also need to create an account on zoom side (createuser). Can this user be a basic user? or should it be a pro user for being able to record meetings on cloud? Is there any limit on the number of pro users that our account can create? we have a paid account. is there any charge associated with a pro user account that we create as opposed to a basic user? how do we automatically enable cloud recording for each user that we create through our application?  can you please provide a guideline in terms of what kind of user account to create on zoom for our app users and any charges/restrictions around it. Many thanks.

Please refer to for per user pricing, and for per minute pricing

Cloud recording requires a pro plan. Auto recording can be enabled in account settings.