Identify which plan is right

Hello, I have thousand of users in future. currently i have 80 user in my website. In our website user can go live and other can participate, participate user only can chat. So there some time 20 user want to go live and some time 80 user at the same time.
Whenever user want to go live we createUser and create Meeting by API.
And i found if i want to use your api i need a paid plan. So i have talk with support in chat but they told me every user you need 1 licence. it means if i have 100 user then i need 100 licence.
So can you tell me every request to create user and make meeting for charge 1 licence. Or i can create unlimited user by createUser API and they can go live without any licence.

Q1 : Every create user API 1 licence required?
Q2 : How many meeting start at the same time in pro plan? (By use sdk and API to out website)
Q3 : I am a developer and i want to give golive option to every user of our website. so there are any plan for this with understanding Q1 and Q2?

Please answer me cause i am working on that from last 14days and i am stop here to choose what right. and even support chat and through mail they not answering me.

Hey @drahul540,

Happy to help!

If you have 1 Pro Plan (or higher), you can create free or paid users with the API. Although, with free users, the meetings will only last 40 minutes.

You can run as many meetings as you want at the same time as long as they are hosted by seperate users on your account.

Can you describe how you want this Golive feature to work? Do you mean just starting a Zoom Meeting? If so, you can use the start_url, which will start the Zoom meeting.

That being said, it is usually easier to just use the OAuth flow, to have users connect their Zoom accounts to your app, allowing you to make API requests on their behalf, instead of managing the user accounts on your end.

Let me know if you have any additional questions! :slight_smile:


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