Identifying company's premium users in meetings (Premiume Badge)

We are a social media company working on public everyday meetings. We have two types of participants in our meetings:

  1. Our premium users who are registered with our platform (Such as mentors, coaches, etc.)
  2. and public or other anonymous participants

We need a feature to display our premium users in a different way to be identified easily in each meeting. For example, as shown in the image below, we need a clickable “gold checkmark” badge on the corner of each premium user’s screen. Something like the “Meeting Information” button that is visible in every Zoom meeting. The button could be clickable and it displays the user’s details and contact info. That gold checkmark icon could also be visible in the participants’ list. (Something like Zoom Reactions but more manageable)

(Dropbox - Screenshot 2023-03-20 005228.png - Simplify your life))

I think it could be possible via Zoom Apps. But, as I read Zoom Apps dev documents, we are not able to display something on the users’ frames foreground if their camera is off. Also, it is not possible to put a clickable badge on users’ frames and make the badge visible in the participants’ list.