Joining a Meeting with join_url, along with custom metadata

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I have no way to track users in my system since we are not in control of what accounts they do or do not log in with. I also don’t want to create individual accounts for all of them because that is 5000+ accounts.

Describe the solution you’d like
We were using the Web SDK, but decided to go with the full application since the Web SDK does not support Gallery view mode. (unless you can tell me a secret!)

So with the full app, we use the start_url and join_url for their intended purposes. We want users to be able to join without logging into a specific Zoom account, since they may have their own for their own purposes. What we’d like to do, however, is pass along a uniquely identifying key with the join_url that is then saved in the participant’s data that can be grabbed from the OAuth API. Maybe in some kind of metadata field.

The idea is that I have a unique ID for my user. I can then track that user in the OAuth API using my unique ID for that user.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
All of this is simple to do with the Web SDK.

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We work with something similar.

  1. Pass a query field called ‘uname’ along with join url

  2. The meeting participants information will be available as “user_name” that be fetched either from wehbook or API.

Stellar. Do you know if there is documentation that may reveal more of these parameters?

In testing, using the uname parameter does change the name for the user to the value provided. This would be expected, which is why I wanted to test it. I am needing a solution which is not visible, setting an identifier and not the name of the user.

Since no dev / advocate has responded yet, I will continue to provide updates as I am experimenting.

The “uname” parameter works for the display name of the anonymous user. I can then use that to fetch user data from past_meetings/{meetingID}/participants. I attempted to replicate the pattern “u” + field with “uid” to see if I could influence a participant’s id that is passed back from the participants API call, but no good. For anon users, that comes through blank.

So asking again for anyone who knows! What other mysterious parameters are available for

I did find this topic:

However, registration does not seem to match our case. We need a way to correlate our unique ID to a participant. While registering a student will give them an ID in the Zoom system, it won’t associate that ID to our ID. So in the end nothing is accomplished.

We also want to skip the need for a 2nd grader to type in their name and email address.

And now I found the URL Schema documentation:

So now this is a request to see if a feature can be added for specifying a unique ID for the joining participant similar to how “uname” functions. Maybe even a “uemail”.