Identifying meetings created with LTI via the API

Good afternoon all,

Does anyone know of a way with the Zoom API to identify meetings that were created with the Zoom LTI Pro?

I didn’t’ see anything in the API documentation. I’ve also tried to comparing the information from GET /meetings/{meetingId} with meetings created in and outside our LMS via the API to see if there are differences, however I haven’t been successful.

Any examples or leads to this information would be appreciated.


Hi @gzk2-zoom,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question. While I can definitely appreciate the use case, I should note that any meetings that were created via LTI Pro would directly utilize our API endpoints on the backend, so there’s no differentiation exposed in any of our API endpoints themselves.

While not foolproof, you might consider comparing timestamps of meetings created via LTI Pro with their creation time returned by our API, as one possible workaround.


Hi All,

Closing the loop on this question. You can find the source of where the meeting was created in the “Get Meeting Reports” endpoint.

GET /report/users/{userId}/meetings

These sources can be Zoom - Zoom Client or; or “LTI Pro” for meetings created in the LTI. You may find other sources if you allow your users use things like G Suite, or other integrations to create meetings. Unfortunately, you have to go by user, query at a month at a time, and can only do it up to six months back.

I hope that helps someone in the future!

Hey @gzk2-zoom,

Thanks for sharing your solution!