If host looses internet and connect back participant becomes host

We are implementing Zoom Web SDK for webinar hosting. In which we are facing an issue, that if the host of the meeting gets disconnected, because of internet connection or by accidentally closing the tab, and return back to the meeting using Host Signature and Role, then he/she is not the host anymore.

Anyone from the participant becomes the host of the meeting.

Issues we are facing
We do not want attendees to have the share screen feature. Once the original host returns back that person no longer has a feature to screen-share. And now one of the attendees has the screen sharing feature.

Which version?

Our approach to this problem
We thought of allowing screen sharing facility for all, and then delete the screen-sharing button for attendees (as we also maintain a list of hosts and attendees on our end). This worked well with Web implementation. But some of the attendees are joining from Zoom App and if they become the host they will be able to do screen share from the App.

Hey @srivastav.veer,

This is a known user experience that our team is aware of and working to improve. Please see this thread for more details and suggested workarounds: