Host permissions are moved to guest when host left the meeting

Please see steps to reproduce

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. User1 joins meeting as host (ZoomMtg.join got host signature with role=1 from backend)
  2. User2 joins meeting as guest (ZoomMtg.join got host signature with role=0)
  3. User1 refresh page with zoom meeting and onbeforeunload event calls ZoomMtg.leaveMeeting
  4. User2 get host permissions, after refresh User1 become guest

Hey @pavel.lychkousky,

We are aware of this issue and working on a fix. (CS-2192)


its been a month and still no update can you pls give me timeline ?

Hey @rizwananwerfancy,

No updates on this yet. Once I have one I will provide it to you.


is there any option to claim host rights ? i have update to 1.8 version of your web sdk but still not resolve this issue

Hey @rizwananwerfancy,

We are still working on this issue. I will keep you updated on its development.


are you serious guys for this issue ? its should be resolved in 1.8 version but no luck anyway it was raised by many of users who are using web sdk for their meeting in last month and still not resolve.

Hey @rizwananwerfancy,

We appreciate your patience. I will have an update for you as soon possible.


Hey @rizwananwerfancy,

When you are reconnecting the host, are you passing in role 1 in the signature? Our engineers were able to rejoin the meeting as host.


Yes @tommy i have two mode for join as host where i m passing 1 in the signature second one 0 role for participant i have already send both signature in my emails you can check it. it was working fine since mid of Aug but after mid its not working as expected.
#7079241 this is my email request no you can check the signatures.
on my email conversation they are agree signatures is correct.

@tommy check this case


This was working fine until mid august. We got reports from our host users that they did not get the host power back after being disconnected and joining again the meeting.
The code on our application did not change and we always pass 1 for our host and 0 for other participants.

Please investigate on it.
Thank you.

Looks like this bug re appeared again and you’re working on according to your reply here:

Same here from one of your colleague

Could you please update all related thread when you have a feedback and fix for this ?

Hey @rizwananwerfancy, @nvivot, @pavel.lychkousky,

With version 1.8.0, if the host gets disconnected, use the same host signature (passing in role 1) and they will rejoin the meeting as the Co-Host.

That being said, the currently functionality if the host gets disconnected, one of the participants will be assigned the Host. Once the original Host rejoins, they will be the Co-Host.


I have checked with 1.8.0 but it’s not working as we expect still the same issue Participant becomes the host.


This is not how the application use to work before 1.8.0 so please fix it.
Not to mention that :

  • your solution would force us to activate the co-host feature from our account settings and we may don’t want it.
  • this change do not seems to be related to 1.8.0 as it also break 1.7.10. So this change in on your back-end services and not the SDK itself.

If possible, here is how we would like things to be fixed:

  • A participant who temporary get host powers because the host left, should lose its host powers when at least one host participant join / re-join. If some participants join as non host, it is for a reason !
  • When the host re-join, if he is the only real host (understand here not a temporary host for technical reasons) he should join as host and not co-host - well unless the co-host option is activated and there is already another real host in the meeting, in such situation i agree to re join as co-host.

Being co-host here when re-joining and letting the non host participant be a host is definitely not an option because it completely break what host / non host role and made for. What’s the point in transforming a non host into a definitive host, especially if the co-host do not have the right to unset this participant host power…

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@nvivot @tommy definitely agree! The meeting host is who manage the meeting, allow people, mute/unmute them etc. if the algorithm assigns a random person, think about schools, if the teacher somehow loses the connection, that randomly assigned student can mess the meeting by adding friends or do other inappropriate things. Please provide a more safe solution to this issue


Hey @rizwananwerfancy, @nvivot, @yagmur,

We appreciate the feedback. We are looking into a better solution. I will keep you updated on what we come up with.


we are waiting for a better solution for the problem

Hey @rizwananwerfancy,

We will update you once we have a better solution! :slight_smile: