If the binaural microphone can use?

Can sound sensitivity spread into users? I have Roland CS-10EM.
Please tell me about using binaural microphone from Zoom’s technical tips.

Hey @takashi.s.pmail,

I am not sure what you are referring to. Please provide more information about your question.


tommy san,

Sorry, my explanation is too few to describe my question.
I wrapped my explanation in below.
If you have questions, please point them out.

・The communicating group is two people.
・A person speaks something with a binaural microphone such as Roland CS-10EM.
・The listener is listened by an ordinary earphone.

・Can the listener hear the speaker’s voice with feeling realistic such as breathing and solidity in Zoom?.

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Takashi Shimabukuro

Hey @takashi.s.pmail,

Yes, the speaker will pick up audio from the participant. You can adjust the echo cancellation and so on here:


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