Original Sound on "half" logged-in accounts using Zoom API

Hello everyone,

After having a productive conversation with Mark Petersen from Zoom, he recommended me to write a post here. If it’s not in the right Forum, feel free to move it to where it’s more adequate.

Lessonface is an online music school and we currently use Zoom for our lessons. The Zoom echo cancellation and audio-enhancing features are mostly aimed to spoken voice, and not ideal for music lessons, where teachers want to show musical examples to students and play, and the algorithm will cut many of the frequencies and decays considering that those are noise or echo.

Anyway, we want to make it able for all Lessonface users to be able to control the Original Sound setting. 

The only issue is that since this is a client setting, Zoom requires the client to be logged in to actually show the setting on screen.

There is some form of login when users are transferred from the website to Zoom, but the client doesn’t show, hence it doesn’t supply the Original Sound setting.

The proof that login does happen is because users are able to start a session via a link like this - https://zoom.us/s/722421354

We don’t want users to have to login manually on the Zoom app, as it would be just too complicated. Our API doesn’t create user accounts under User Management with the actual user email addresses, it creates accounts such as user13450@lessonface.com.

These are preliminary conclusions that me and Mark had in our conversation, and feel free to ask for further information.

We’re looking for insights on how to make the Original Audio setting toggle available to all Lessonface users, and all help is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Flavio Lira

Did some digging on this and found out it cannot be done via API. It can, however, be done if using one of our SDKs.