Importing into existing project is a big issue now

Im struggling to import zoom into my existing project. But all hardwork is now wasted. The main problem is that layout and other drawable like files are reported missing or i dont know how to import them effectively.

What im doing right now is copy pasing commonlib and mobilertc folders to the project root and apply

implementation project(’:commonlib’)
implementation project(’:mobilertc’)

after this i copy paste the us.zoom folders to app folder of the project. What im doing wrong now ? Plese help in this regards.

If i use import module from android studio menu, i cant use finish button it is deactivated button even after pointing to commonlib and mobilertc .

Now below is my project structure.

Hi @bineeshtvr1, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you are running into issues with importing the SDK into your project. Can you please be more specific regarding the issues you are experiencing? If you are seeing any errors in particular, please post them here so that we can better assist.


Thank you for reply.
The main error is not found. ie layout like assets are not found. I can see that res files are not automatically copied into project as i import commonlib and mobilertc. Your tutorials never say how to properly include the project java files and associated assets files.

Im really stuck and wasted my two full days on this. can you pls help in this regard. As i could nt find andy automated process to import res and java files im copying and pasting the respective folders in to project. Actually commonlib and mobile rtc also is imported using same process and a simple line of include command in gradle settings.

Hi @bineeshtvr1,

Can you please provide the full error you are seeing? Without the exact text error text, we cannot help much.


i fixed that problem but now i cant explain how that happened. that much complex steps and procedures i had to do.

Glad to hear you were able to fix it, that’s the important part! :slightly_smiling_face:

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