Impossible to share video files using Windows Meeting SDK (v5.15.x)

In Windows Meeting SDK we are unable to share video files either by calling the new method StartVideoFileShare or by using the SDK interface.

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
Windows Meeting SDK v5.15.12

To Reproduce(If applicable)
option a: click Share Screen, Advanced, Video, Share, choose an mp4 file
option b: call IMeetingShareController::StartVideoFileShare(fullWindowsFilename)

The error popup contains two lines of text:
Failed to share “clip.mp4”.
Please try a different file.

Troubleshooting Routes

  1. We have tried calling StartVideoFileShare using a full path composed by either backward or forward slashes with no success. The SDK seems to deal evenly with both, since the error popup in both cases write the correct single filename, without full path.
  2. Then, we tried using the SDK user interface for sharing the mp4 file. We clicked on Share Screen, Advanced, Video, Share, and then choosen an mp4 file. Same error popup.
  3. Finally, we have tried to share the same video file using the Zoom client for Windows versions 5.15.5 and 5.15.12. In both versions: success, the error popup has not been shown and the file has been opened in a player.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Dell Latitude 5430 i7 64GB
  • OS: Windows 11

Additional context
Transcript of events received after the StartVideoFileShare call (but don’t forget the problem occurs using the SDK interface as well)
15:57:24 Call Share [ { Path: ‘C:\path\to\folder\meetingid\clip.mp4’ } ]
15:57:25 Event { Type: ‘SharingStatus’, UserID: 16778240, Status: { Code: 0, Name: ‘Self_Send_Begin’ } }
15:57:25 Event { Type: ‘ShareContentNotification’, ShareType: { Code: 7, Name: ‘VideoFile’ } }
15:57:25 Event { Type: ‘DefaultSpeakerDeviceChanged’, DeviceId: ‘{xxx}.{xxx}’, DeviceName: ‘xxx’ }
15:57:25 Event { Type: ‘VideoFileSharePlayError’, Error: { Code: 3, Name: ‘Open_Fail’ } }
15:57:25 Event { Type: ‘SharingStatus’, UserID: 16778240, Status: { Code: 1, Name: ‘Self_Send_End’ } }

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