Include occurrence_id field in the meeting object (GET /users/{userId}/meetings)

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I am using the get meetings endpoint to retrieve a list of upcoming scheduled meetings (GET /users/{userId}/meetings), I am showing the results to my users in the UI, from here the user selects an upcoming meeting and proceed to register herself (using the add registrant API).

Each object in the meetings property from response includes fields like uuid, start_time and so on… but the occurrence_id field is not present. This makes it hard to add a registrant since the occurrence_id field is necessary in the add registrand endpoint.

Describe the solution you’d like
Retrieve the field occurrence_id along the other fields

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
My current solution is to call the get meeting endpoint after the users select and occurrence from the list (using the numerical meeting id, which is the same for all the meeting occurrences), this response has an occurrences object for that specific meeting, then I lookup the occurrence_id by matching the start_time of the occurrence selected by the user and the start_time in the occurrences objects.

Additional context
My current solutions is not optimal, it need an extra API call, perform iterations and lookups, and relies on a timestamp object instead of an unique identifier.