Include Tracking Fields in /users/{userId}/meetings Endpoint Response

It is great that we are able to add tracking fields to a meeting when creating a new meeting.

When I retrieve a list of meetings for a user (using the /users/{userId}/meetings endpoint), however, the tracking fields are not included in the response for each meeting. This forces me to make additional API calls to retrieve the tracking fields for each meeting. If a user has 30 meetings, for example, then I need to loop through that set of meetings and make another API call specific to that meeting to retrieve the tracking fields for just that meeting. In this example, that results in 30 extra API calls.

It seems like the tracking fields should be included in the /users/{userId}/meetings response. Is there any chance you would consider adding that functionality, even if it needs to be “switch-able”? For example – /users/{userId}/meetings?include_tracking_fields=true


Hey @pasquc,

Thanks for your feedback, I see how this would be useful! I will move this to the feature request category. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot Tommy. What also would be very helpful is an API call that can return all meetings that have a certain tracking field value. In this manner, we’d be able to, for example, bring back all of the meetings for a certain course (as defined by the value of the tracking fields).

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