Incoming call notification

Using Android SDK, how can our application been notified when an incoming call occurs ?

** SDK **
Android Zoom SDK v5.4.3.603

** Step to reproduce **

  1. Log in using a valid Zoom account in the application using the Android Zoom SDK methods
  2. Use the official Zoom application on another mobile or desktop with another account
  3. Call the first account
  4. The calling application stay in ‘calling’ state, our application is not notified that an incoming call occurs

Hi @ddurand, thanks for using the dev forum.

Can you please clarify which feature you are referring to? There are a few different features within the Zoom client which present a similar experience to what you are describing.


Using the official Zoom mobile app, I select the user I want to call: it opens the chat screen.
On that screen, I click on the “camera” icon on the top right of the screen, and it initiates a vidéo call.
In the same time, I have my Android application using the Zoom SDK running, with the called account logged: I figured out how my application could be notified that an incoming call occurs ?

Hi @ddurand,

Thanks for clarifying. Since this feature only exists in the chat client, it will not work with the SDK. There may be a solution available through our webhooks, so it could be worth posting over in #api-and-webhooks to check. :slightly_smiling_face:


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