Get caller phone number in Zoom phone instantly

Hello, I need the best way of getting caller phone number when somebody is calling in to zoom phone.
I need to use this phone number just after call started. After a call started I need to open my website with information about client which is calling. I develop this for our clients who has call center which works with zoom phone. As I know I am not able to call API for call log because it is available only after call ended.
May be you have some kind of event that is fired when call starts so I can subscribe for this event.
So I hope you can provide me an instruction how to do that, thank you.

Hi rustam,

Thanks for the post. Since Zoom Client and Zoom Phone are 2 individual products, our Client SDK does not contain the feature that Zoom Phone has. I have passed your questions and request to our Zoom Phone team, and they will investigate the possibility of supporting this in the future.